Custom dress socks have been trending in recent years. While these unique socks have been around for awhile, the recent popularity is due to improvements in the quality of custom socks.  In the past, few custom sock designers could achieve a high level of detail using embroidery.  In fact, the embroidered logos often appeared jagged or pixelated. As you can imagine, few very companies had any interest in custom dress socks.

However, the custom dress socks now available replicate the quality you might find in a retail department store.  New finer gauged embroidery equipment allows designers to create a more upscale retail look.  Designers can now create a more detailed logo imprint using embroidery. Consequently, several major brands became interested in custom dress socks for their corporate swag programs.

The custom dress sock trend has recently accelerated with the emergence of a new printing method.  The latest advances in digital print technology allow sock designers to directly imprint your logo into the fabric of the custom sock.  As a result you have a sock that is not only comfortable to wear, but also incorporates fabric that can showcase a bright full color imprint. Some custom sock styles even allow you to add accent colors to the cotton fabric to match your branding.

The Google custom dress sock (photographed above) is a good example of a full color digital imprint custom dress sock.

Potential uses for custom dress socks:

  • Employee New Hire Kits: Custom dress socks with your company’s logo and branding is a great way to welcome new employees to your company.
  • Merchandise: Does your brand or band have a loyal fan base? Custom dress socks are a great merch item for brands and bands alike! We recently produced some custom socks for internationally known latin hip hop band Ozomatli! Socks are a great way to make a little additional revenue while getting your fans to wear your logo!
  • Tradeshows & Corporate Events: Make sure your employees are decked out in your brand gear from head to toe (literally) for your next tradeshow or corporate event. Custom socks are a great conversation starter!  Plus custom socks are fun swag bag giveaways.

If you are interested in creating some custom dress socks for your brand, we can get started on your custom sock project today.