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Think Logo Presents Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Tissue Industry Convention

Think Logo Presents Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Tissue Industry Convention

August 26, 2016

Executive Summary

Tissue World was planning its annual conference and exhibition in New Orleans. UBM (the event’s organizer) set a goal of making Tissue World more sustainable. In planning the event, UBM wanted to focus on ways to reduce the carbon impact of Tissue World and reduce the waste produced by the event. As a result, UBM and Tissue World needed eco-friendly promotional products and sustainable solutions for the event.  With the UBM team in Singapore, they also faced the challenge of communicated with local vendors in New Orleans. When Think Logo reached out to Tissue World, they made it easy to communicate with UBM using Skype. Most importantly, Think Logo helped them select products and solutions to meet their sustainability goals. Think Logo also worked with UBM to manage their project, warehouse its promotional products order and provide on-site delivery to the event.


Tissue World is the leading global event series serving the tissue industry worldwide. With events in Shanghai, Istanbul, Milan, New Orleans and São Paulo, Tissue World offers an integrated and intertwined platform consisting of exhibitions and conferences. Tissue World’s magazine provides an unmatched offline and online meeting place to do business, exchange ideas and learn, all year round.

UBM was the event organizer for Tissue World. It also happens to be the world’s second largest event organizer and the largest event organizer in the United States. Sustainability is also an important focus for UBM. It strives to manage its impact on the communities where it holds its events by following principles of sustainability in its activities.

The Challenges

Sustainability is an important issue for both Tissue World and UBM. In fact, UBM is one of the first event organizers to become ISO 20121 certified for sustainable event management. For Tissue World, it focuses on two areas of sustainability: reducing carbon impact of the show and waste reduction. Therefore, UBM was looking for ways to source eco-friendly products for the convention and solutions to reduce waste.  With the Tissue World team in Singapore, finding vendors in New Orleans was also a challenge due to the time difference.

The Solution

Think Logo made it easy to communicate across time zone by offering flexible meeting times via Skype.  Right away, Think Logo understood that Tissue World could have a significant impact on its sustainability goals with one solution. Tissue World normally printed more than one hundred thousand sheets of paper for event collateral materials. This was a significant contribution to the event’s waste. By pre-loading  print collateral onto USB flash drives, Think Logo saw that Tissue World could dramatically reduce its paper waste.  With a 1GB USB drive, you can save roughly 50 trees with a single data-load. Instead of receiving a printed material, each attendee would receive a USB thumb drive with all of the event’s documents.

The UBM team realized that different types of drives would be needed for each of the five types of event attendees.  That was because each group needed to receive different documents.  In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, Think Logo provided eco-friendly USB flash drives options made from sustainable bamboo and a variety of recyclable wood finishes. Think Logo also oversaw the data-loading project to ensure that the different drives were loaded with the correct documents.

Additionally, Think Logo presented some other eco-friendly promotional products to further reduce the event’s carbon impact. These included sustainable bamboo lanyards, recycled cardboard pens, and recycled paper notepads.

The Results

Think Logo’s eco-friendly alternative of using data-loaded USB drives helped UBM meet its goal of making Tissue World more sustainable. Think Logo’s solution eliminated the need to print hundreds of thousands pieces of paper. They also helped Tissue World reduce its overall costs since only 500 USB flash drives were needed for the entire event. The UBM team was very pleased with Think Logo’s products and services:

“It was a great experience to work with Think Logo! They have been very supportive in terms of recommending and customizing  products that are suitable to our event.”

—Agnes Gehot, Senior Global Event Manager, Tissue World 

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Tissue World
Recycled Cardboard and Wood Pen, Bamboo Lanyards,

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